Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Information on Church Picnic this Sunday

At this Sunday's (July 1st) church picnic we are going to have what they call in the Carolinas a Low Country Boil. Others call it a Shrimp boil or, if you are in Louisiana, a crawfish boil (substituting crawfish for shrimp).

Here's how we are going to do it. The church will purchase the shrimp, because getting the right shrimp is the most important part of the boil. Then, we will ask $5 per adult (or child who eats like an adult - no more than $15 per family) to pay for your share of the shrimp. In addition, each family is asked to bring 1lb (or one package) of polish kielbasa sausage, a 5lb sack of new potatoes, or a two packs of frozen mini ears of corn on the cob (like shown here). Beyond that, the church will provide plates, napkins, utensils, lemonade and water. Bring your own beer/wine/etc. and each family should bring some sort of desert.

In order to make sure we have all our bases covered, click on this link to go to a spreadsheet to RSVP (so that we know how much shrimp to get) and sign up for what to bring.

The beauty of this kind of picnic is that you don't have to prepare anything. Just bring the ingredients and Tommy and Pastor Tim will boil them up for you.

One more important thing: please be at the picnic by five with your ingredients so that we can eat at six. We have to boil those potatoes, corn and sausage before we eat them, so please be there at five. There will be horseshoes, washers, and bocce among other games to play.

Oh, and one more thing: invite your friends and neighbors. We want to share God's blessings with them!

Please see this blog post for more information on the location of the picnic.

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