Friday, August 17, 2012

Fall Sunday School Gearing Up, Volunteers Needed

Dear Congregation, 

As the school year gears up this week, we are beginning to plan for the start of Sunday School on Sunday, Sept. 9th, 2012.  However, we need some more teachers to volunteer in order to complete our planning!  Currently, Christ Our King offers 4 Sunday School classes for children during the adult Sunday School time from 9-10 AM.  The classes are Nursery, Little Kids, Elementary/Middle School Kids, and High School Kids.  The age cut-offs are not at all strict but just to give you an idea of who you might find in each class: Nursery = birth to 3, Little Kids = 3 to 6, Elementary/Middle Kids = 6 to 12, High School Kids = 12 to 19.  Teaching in the Nursery would simply involve playing with the children.  Teaching in the Little and Elementary/Middle group would involve continuing in the Jesus Storybook Bible Curriculum that was begun in January of this year.  Teaching in the High School group would involve following a curriculum (that is currently being decided upon).  Each group of teachers would be asked to attend a short meeting planned at a convenient time to go over materials and generate ideas for making the lessons exciting and appropriate for our setting. 

Please think about being involved in this vital ministry in our church.  Hopefully, we will have enough teachers volunteer so that teachers only need to teach every other week (or maybe every 3rd week).  If you don't feel comfortable committing at that level but would be willing to be on the substitute list to help out when others cannot, please let me know as well.  

I will be making an announcement at church this Sunday and asking for anyone who is interested in helping out or who has questions to let me know after the service.
Thanks so much!

Stephanie Jenkins

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