Friday, August 3, 2012

Men's Fellowship Night, Friday August 17 @ 7PM

Christ Our King will be having a men's fellowship night on Friday, August 17 at 7:00PM at Pastor LeCroy's house. The subject of the night will be Texas Hold'em Poker. Texas Hold'em is a fun game that anyone can learn to play. It has the luck of any card game, but many people find Texas Hold'em so much fun because it does involve quite a bit of skill.

If you don't know how to play Hold'em, don't worry. It is easy to learn and to begin to compete and play right away. We will play a few hands with no risk at the first so that everyone can get the rules down.

We will have a modest $5 buy in, and no buy backs. What this means is that the most you can lose is $5. Look at it this way, our men's fellowship night will still come out cheaper than the recent ladies night out dinner, and one of us will win some money to take their wife out on a date (That will be what we will all do with our winnings, ladies ;-).

Bring your own refreshments to share. We will play in the garage so that any sort of pleasing incense (if you get my meaning) will be able to be offered to the Lord.

Please begin now by thinking about what friends and neighbors you can invite to this event as well. If there is a big crowd we will start the tournament with two tables.

Friday, August 17 @ 7PM
2103 Iris Dr., Columbia

See you there!

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