Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pig Pickin': June 23rd at Cosmo Park

This is the hog we are eating tonight. He's starting to smell really good!

Our next church picnic this summer will be at 6:30PM on Sunday, June 23rd at Cosmo Park, Harris Shelter. For this picnic we are going to have a pig pickin'. What's a pig pickin'? It's the way I learned to roast hogs in the Eastern North Carolina style. If you are unsure about this foreign sounding type of bbq, don't worry, it's downright delicious.


So we'll be cooking the hog all day on Sunday, and by 6:30 it will be falling right off the bone for you to come and pick off into your own plate. I'll sauce the hog with my own special vinegar sauce, but if you'd like to doctor it up some more we'll provide some standard bbq sauce.

The Hog who graciously gave his life for our feast.

The Cooker that will do this job.

What to bring? Yourself, a desert, sides, and drinks. The church will provide the meat and some lemonade. Also bring lawn games and other fun stuff to play.

Y'all, there is going to be a lot of meat and this will be really special, so do invite your friends and neighbors.

A small donation will be asked for to defray our costs.

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Pictures From our Church Picnic

Here are some pictures from our church picnic on June 9th at Albert-Oakland Park. There was a little rain, but we remained dry under the shelter and resulted to some interesting tactics to keep our grill going. A good time was had by all!

Mark your calendars for our next picnic on June 23 at Cosmo Park, Harris Shelter!

Visit our website at christourkingcolumbia.org